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Winter is coming!
Time to prepare the right way!

Thermotec electric heaters operate with the advanced AeroFlow® technology, allowing for quick, efficient, and optimum heat transfer.

The most cost effective in the category of electric heaters.

Easy to install, anywhere there is a plug socket.

Programmable with access from your smartphone, anywhere, any time.

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German AeroFlow® technology

The patented, German AeroFlow® technology enables pleasant radiant heat:

rapidly and efficiently

cost-effectively and silently

without drying the air

allowing natural air flow

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Betterliving4all, is part of AYK, offering you and your family… better living.

At this time, we are working together with nine international brands, established and world-renowned for their craftsmanship and the cutting-edge technology they use. For us, a higher and more advanced quality of life is not just a quote. It’s what fuels us forward and a long-term commitment to you.

Our products show the way to a healthier, more convenient, and more cost-effective way of living!


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15 years guarantee (made in Germany) and optional extension to 30 years.

Adjustable with access from your smart phone, anywhere, any time.

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Divide your rooms into different heating zones!

Use your phone to adjust separate room temperatures and allow Thermotec to welcome you to a warm and pleasant home. The smart #FlexiSmart thermostat can connect to your phone via a specialised mobile app.

  • Energy-saving; is programmable and can be adjusted to your daily routine.  
  • Controls and programs each electrical heater separately.
  • It has an interactive display controller; the temperature can be modified manually on each electric heater.
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